Thursday, April 6, 2017

Announcement from Hot VWs Magazine

announcement from hotVWs:
A New Journey Has Begun
The Time Has Come to Embark on the New Era of Hot VWs Magazine, with you!

Beginning with the May 2017 issue, Hot VWs Magazine is now under new ownership and operated by Orange County International (OCI) Media. The new owner, Shin Mukai is a committed VW guy who became involved with the VW industry more than 30 years ago in the USA and Japan. Shin Mukai is also widely known as a VW drag racer and an extreme Type 3 fanatic. Currently, he owns more than 20 Type 3s and other VW models, and more than 300 Type 3 toys.

Okay, so who is going to be the new editor? Regarding myself, I am Shin Watanabe, the new editor of Hot VWs Magazine. I became involved with a Japanese VW magazine over 20 years ago. Based in Southern California for more than 15 years, I have continued to follow the VW scene throughout the world.

To be honest, I never expected to become the editor of Hot VWs Magazine. I always enjoyed simply being a reader of Hot VWs. However, due to the sudden decision by the Wright Publishing Company to sell the magazine title, it presented a new opportunity for us. It was also our goal to make sure that the Hot VWs name would live forever.

We realize these recent changes have interrupted regular publication of the magazine for a short period of time, and we regret this situation. We apologize that these circumstances have caused a delay in delivering the 2017 May issue, as well as any confusion as to the status of the magazine due to so many rumors. We are also aware that many of our loyal Hot VWs subscribers didn’t receive the previous 2017 April issue. If you didn’t receive the April issue, please email in order for us to take care of you.

Now, we are very pleased and proud to announce here today that we will continue publishing Hot VWs Magazine!

Hot VWs Magazine is beginning a new era and we will be providing new content covering all kinds of passion and craziness in the Volkswagen world; the wonderful community that brings the hobby to life. During this transition period, I will also try to bring new content that Hot VWs Magazine has never done before. But don’t worry, we will definitely keep the good tradition of Hot VWs Magazine. Right now, there are many ideas flooding our brains. We are very excited and motivated with the hope that we will again enjoy another 50 years of the wonderful VW community with Hot VWs Magazine.

Hot VWs is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. Can you believe this? It’s been half a century! This is a true milestone for not only Hot VWs Magazine, but for all who make up this wonderful VW community, and we should be proud!

For myself, as a small part of this wonderful VW industry and driving a VW Bug for almost 30 years, Hot VWs Magazine was always near me. Hot VWs Magazine was the bible when I was a kid. It has always been the only source of information for the amazing VW wonderland in the USA and especially before the age of the internet. Perhaps many of you are like myself in that I started reading Hot VWs as a kid. I was living outside the USA when I was a teenager and paid very expensive postal fees just to get Hot VWs each month. I was very hungry back in the day to read Hot VWs Magazine, and still am today. This is an amazing thing about Volkswagens! You never get tired of Volkswagens. Even people who become rich and are able to afford a Porsche or Ferrari will still keep driving Volkswagens, or just get more Volkswagens!

I consider myself very lucky to have traveled to VW events in Germany, the U.S., Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand over the past decade. I was always amazed, no matter where I traveled, how quickly we connect with people who love Volkswagens. Truly, Volkswagen is the universal language. Regardless of your origin, age, religion or the language you speak, you will have an instant connection with just about anybody who loves Volkswagens. Whenever we attend VW shows throughout the world, air-cooled Volkswagens become the bridge for new friendships.
I am just as enthusiastic about VWs as you. I’m always very interested to learn about your uniqueness, craziness and passion about your Volkswagen. If you have something you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to send us an email, or message/post through our Facebook page. I love pushing you into doing more things regarding Volkswagens. I love reading your “Wow”, “Amazing”, “Insane”, “Nuts” and “Crazy” comments. Most of all, this is not about just any type of car... it’s a Volkswagen!

My vision about Hot VWs Magazine is very simple and clear.
Hot VWs will bring more excitement, inspiration, joy, smiles, craziness, highlighting the unique lifestyle and passion pertaining to all Volkswagens with the hope that it will build bridges within and amongst the VW community worldwide.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support of the wonderful VW community and Hot VWs Magazine. Please send your feedback anytime. Your feedback is very important and we look forward to continue doing something fun and exciting!

My heart is air-cooled flat-four, my blood is Brad Penn oil and my brain Bosch. If you see me acting strangely, don’t be surprised. You may be wondering who I am – driving or not driving a VW - with parts made in Japan, not Germany. But, rest assured that I am a crazy Vee Dub person just like you.

Best Regards,

Editor, Hot VWs Magazine
Shin Watanabe

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