Sunday, August 24, 2014

Oval Beetle crash @ 195km/h with 8000rpm

first of all:
Robert is fine after his crash at the Salzburgring yesterday!
after passing a Fiat Abarth on a straigh line with 195km/h @ approx 8000rpm with his Porsche 356 powered Oval Beetle wind came under the car made it turn 90 dregree, hit the guarding rail and finally stopped after ~150m. seems that the safty belt was his life saver!
Robert mentioned "that was like trying to drive into a side road @ 195km/h
2nd good point beside that he´s ok: he did the fastest lap!
Robert is looking for a new Oval body  to get this crazy thing back on the street.
so if you have a solid Oval body (54- and no sun roof) or know about one that is for sale he would appreciate to get a serious offer